Running Nowhere, concrete, wool fabric, metal, 2016

Running Nowhere, concrete, wool fabric, metal, 2016


pareidolia, khm Gallery, malmö 2016

Everybody has a inherent gift to quickly recognise faces. Sometimes we see them in rocks, faces in the clouds or horses in the wind. This is contributed to a phenomena called pareidolia.

When Dick Hedlund gives his MFA Exhibition this name he considers his long time fascination for something that looks like writing-  maybe a language written with an unknown alphabet. His drawings are filled with these symbols. They can also be read as maps over a land lost, or maybe embossing, a frottage of an ancient sculpture, delicately removed from earth and sand

Dick Hedlund is interested by how tiny divergencies and changes in a surface gives life to a seemingly recognisable pattern. His canvases gives the appearance of painting, but is in reality tiny changes in the fabric itself, that suggests a horizon. Theres an images, and yet not, a spiritual landscape emerges, as if willed forward during a seance.

Hedlunds concrete sculptures are firm, physical. Full of cracks, as if they where remnants from a ancient dwelling. Concrete and other binders like asphalt have a very long history. The notion that water, ash and limestone once appeared to be the result of magic. Dick Hedlund shares this reverence for the transformation of material.

- Gertrud Sandqvist